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Adjective is an important topic for SSC and other competitive exams. error detection, fill in blanks के प्रश्न ज्यादातर adjective, prepositions से  संबद्धित होते है. Some important adjective examples are given below:

adjective examples

Adjective examples with rules


Q:- The teacher said that(A)/ Paul was capable of(B)/ doing more better work.(C)/ no error(D)        [SSC-2009]

Ans:- C

Explanation:- कभी भी वाक्य में दो comparative या दो superlative का use नहीं होता है-

     Ex:-Math is the most toughest subject for me.   (incorrect)

Math is the toughest subject for me.           (correct)


Adjective common errors


Q:- Sachin is so best(A)/ a player that he would be(B)/ certainly included in the team.(C)/ no error(D)      [SSC-2008]

Ans:- A

Q. He is the best and wisest student in the class. [SSC-2017]
1) best and wisest                  2) a best and a wisest
3) the best and the wisest       4) No improvement
 Ans:- 3) the best and the wisest

Q. The people of Japan are wiser than America. [SSC-2017]
1) wiser than that of America.       2) wiser than those of America.
3) wiser to that of America.           4) No improvement

 Ans:- 2) wiser than those of America.

Explanation:- than के बाद America गलत है चूँकि दो देशो की तुलना नहीं हो रही बल्कि लोगो की हो रही है.


Q. William Shakespeare is (A)/ the greatest of(B)/ all other writers.(C)/no error(D)


Ans: (C) all the
Explanation:- Rule:- Sub. + verb + the + superlative degree + of all + plural noun


Q. You are junior than me in age.         [SSC-2016]
) to me in age.         2) of me in age.
3) to me at age.          4) No improvement
 Ans: 1) to me in age.

Explanation:-  कुछ words ऐसे है जिनके बाद ‘than’ का नहीं बल्कि ‘to’ का प्रयोग होता है:-

Junior, senior, prior, superior, prefer, elder etc.


Q:- French planes(A)/ are superior than(B)/ Italian planes.(C)/no error(D)    [SSC-2012]

Ans:- B


Q:- The girl said that(A)/ she preferred the blue gown(B)/ than the black one.(C)/ no error(D)         [SSC-2010]

Ans:- C

Note:   Use of degrees, important Rules & Correct use of some adjectives(much/many, few/less/little, elder/older, later/latter etc.)  तथा ऊपर दिए गए सभी important questions से related (सम्बंधित) rules जानने के लिएGet the e-book.

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