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Adverb of Manner

It shows how an action or something is done. Adverb of manner answers the question “How?”. Adverb of manner is placed just after the verb when it is used in a sentence.

[fast, hard, slowly, foolishly, loudly, carefully, beautifully, seriously, certainly etc.]         

Examples :

He cried loudly.

He drives the car carefully.

adverb of manner

The adverbs that have ‘ly’ at the end are usually adverb of manner, which are made from an adjective.

जिन adverbs के अंत में ‘ly’ होता है वो सामान्यतःadverb of manner होते है जो की adjective से बनाये जाते है-

True + ly = Truly     

slow+ ly = slowly       

beautiful + ly = beautifully

Note:- There are some words that serve both adjective and adverb and do not create adverbs by putting ‘ly’ at the end.

कुछ ऐसे शब्द है जो adjective व् adverb दोनों का कार्य करते है तथा उनके अंत में ‘ly’ लगाकर adverb नहीं बनाते है –

 hard, fast, late

Ex:- He is walking fastly.  (incorrect)

He is walking fast.  (correct)

Adverb of manner rules with examples

Use:-Adverb of manner comes right after the verb that it modifies-

Ex:- He carefully drives.  (incorrect)

He drives carefully.  (correct)

Note:-If there is an object after the verb then adverb is used after the object-

(यदि verb के बाद object भी हो तो adverb को object के बाद प्रयोग करते है)-

Ex:-He carefully drives the car.  (incorrect)

He drives carefully the car.  (incorrect)

He drives the car carefully.  (correct)

If the object coming after the verb is too long, then adverb is used before verb-

Ex:- He writes everything that he is given to writing carefully.  (incorrect)

He carefully writes everything that he is given to writing.  (correct)

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1. Carefully


3. Quickly

4. Calmly

5. Seriously





10. Closely


12. Helpfully

13. Smartly

14. Nicely

15. Quickly

16. Recently

17. Accurately

18. Honestly

19. Really

20. Regularly


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