Adverb of place | adverb of frequency

Adverb of place

Adverb of place shows where an action or something is done or happens.

It answers the question “Where” Such adverbs are placed after the verb.

[here, there, up,  away, down, everywhere, somewhere, anywhere, without, above etc.]


He fell down.

They live somewhere in Canada.

Use of adverb of place in a sentence

Adverb of place is used immediately after the verb.

Adverb of place का use, verb के तुरंत बाद होता है|

Ex:-I live here.   

      They like to walk along the river.

adverb of place


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Adverb of frequency

Never, always, often, rarely, seldom, just are placed between auxiliary verbs & main verbs

 sometimes, generally, usually, frequently, normally etc. can also be placed at either the beginning or the end of the sentence.

Use:-Adverb of frequency is used just before the main verb.

Adverb of frequency का use, main verb के ठीक पहले होता है|


I have seen never the Eifel Tower.   (incorrect)

I have never seen the Eifel Tower.   (correct)

Examples :

I have seen him once.

He is always at home on Sundays.

He just caught the train.

Generally, I don’t like spicy foods.



Adverb related common errors


Incorrect: He plays football good.

Correct: He plays football well.

Explanation:Good is an adjective. The adverb for this meaning is well.

Incorrect: I am only free in the evening

Correct: I am free only in the evening

Incorrect: I am working very hardly on this project

Correct: I am working very hard on this project

Incorrect: It is very hot to go out.

Correct: It is too hot to go out.


Incorrect: She carefully drives the car.

Correct: She drives the car carefully.

Explanation:The adverb of manner is placed just after the verb when it is used in a sentence, but if there is an object then after the object.


Ex:- He angrily behaved.( Incorrect)

He behaved angrily.( Correct)

Incorrect: Don’t run fastly.

Correct: Don’t run fast.

Incorrect: The child walks slow.

Correct: The child walks slowly.(how)

Explanation:adverb is a word that describes how, where, when or how often an action takes place.

Incorrect: He always has wanted to be famous.

Correct: He has always wanted to be famous

Explanation:adverb of frequency (Never, always, often, rarely, seldom, just etc) are placed between auxiliary verbs & main verbs.

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