Adverb in Hindi | Types of Adverbs in Hindi

What is an Adverb?

Adverb in Hindi:- क्रिया की विशेषता बताने वाले शब्द को adverb कहते है| अर्थात adverb एक ऐसा शब्द है जो बताता है कि कोई कार्य कहाँ, कब, कैसे और कितनी बार हुआ है|

An adverb is a word to add something to the meaning verb, adjective It is a word that describes how, where, when or how often an action takes place.


Example:– our soldiers fought bravely.


Adverbs usually answer the following questions:

Where? Down. (“He fell down.”)
When? Yesterday. (“We met yesterday.”)
How? Slowly. (“The turtle moves slowly.”)
How often? Sometimes. (“Sometimes it stops responding.”)
How long? Temporarily. (“She is staying with us temporarily.”)
How likely? Surely. (“Our team will surely win!”)
To what degree? Very. (“She was very pleased.”)

adverb in hindi

Adverb in Hindi


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There are four adverbs :

1. Adverb of manner [how (कैसे)]

Fast, hard, slowly, loudly, badly, carefully, beautifully, faithfully, seriously, certainly etc.

Ex:- He cried loudly. (वह जोर से चिल्लाया)

You are required to execute this job carefully.

2. Adverb of time [when (कब)]

Today, tomorrow, yesterday, last night, immediately, recently, instantly, last week, last year, next day, next week, next month, now, just, ago, daily, already, early, soon etc.

Ex:- I saw that movie last year. (मैंने वह movie पिछले वर्ष देखी थी)

I have completed my homework recently.

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3. Adverb of place [where(कहाँ)]

here, there, up, within, out, away, everywhere, somewhere, anywhere, without, above, below, far, near, inside, outside etc.

Ex:- He fell down.( वह नीचे गिर गया)

4. Adverb of frequency [how often (कितनी बार)]

Always, often, seldom, just, never, sometimes, usually, frequently, normally, rarely generally, etc.

Ex:- We seldom dance. (हम कभी कभार नाचते है)

       Generally, I don’t like spicy foods. (सामान्यतः मुझे मसालेदार खाना पसंद नहीं है)

Adverb common errors


adverb in Hindi















Adverb in Hindi


Incorrect: I carefully drive the car.

Correct: I drive the car carefully.

Incorrect: I am only free in the evening

Correct: I am free only in the evening

Incorrect: He plays football good.

Correct: He plays football well.

Good is an adjective. The adverb for this meaning is well.

Incorrect: I am much tired.

Correct: I am very tired.

Incorrect: I am working very hardly on this project

Correct: I am working very hard on this project

Incorrect: It is very hot to go out.

Correct: It is too hot to go out.

Incorrect: He angrily behaved.

Correct: He behaved angrily.

Adverbs of manner usually go in the end position.

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