Adverbs common errors



Incorrect: He always has wanted to be famous.

Correct: He has always wanted to be famous

Incorrect: I carefully drive the car.

Correct: I drive the car carefully.

Incorrect: I am only free in the evening

Correct: I am free only in the evening

Incorrect: He plays football good.

Correct: He plays football well.

Good is an adjective. The adverb for this meaning is well.

Incorrect: I am much tired.

Correct: I am very tired.

Incorrect: I am working very hardly on this project

Correct: I am working very hard on this project

Incorrect: It is very hot to go out.

Correct: It is too hot to go out.

Incorrect: He angrily behaved.

Correct: He behaved angrily.

Adverbs of manner usually go in the end position.

Incorrect: Don’t run fastly.

Correct: Don’t run fast.

Incorrect: The child walks slow.

Correct: The child walks slowly.


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