countable and uncountable nouns

countable and uncountable nouns

Countable and uncountable nouns


A. Countable Nouns


(a).It can be pluralized. (अर्थात ये noun  एकवचन तथा बहुवचन दोनों रूपों में प्रयुक्त होती  है)

            Ex:-Boy(एकवचन)+s/es àBoys(बहुवचन)   &     Man(एकवचन)àMen(बहुवचन)

(b).A number can precede them. [अर्थात इनसे पहले कोई नंबर (one, two, three……..) आ सकता है]

            Ex:-Two boys, Three pens, A cat etc.

(c).They can be preceded by the articles.(A, An, The)

            Ex:-The boy, an apple, a man etc.

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B.Uncountable noun:


1. Cannot create Plurals(s/es)

ex:-milks, waters, hairs  are incorrect words

2. cannot use a number before them :(one, two, three….) का use नहीं कर सकते,

ex:-two milk, two advice, etc are incorrect

3. Don’t use articles:A/An/The  का use नहीं कर सकते,  ex- an information, the/a hair  etc. are incorrect.

अर्थात हम Uncountable noun का बहुवचन नहीं बना सकते न उनके सामने कोई नंबर लिख सकते और न ही उनके साथ कोई Article प्रयोग कर सकते है.

Note:-To indicate the quantity of uncountable noun we use some quantity words like:-


Uncountable nouns  के साथ निम्नलिखित शब्दों का प्रयोग होता है –

a bar of                        a great deal of                a sheet of                    every

a bottle of                   a little                               much                         most

a bowl of                     a loaf of                           a spoonful of              none

a couple of                  a lot of                             plenty of                     none of the

a cup of                       a number of                     all                               less

a piece of                     a slice of                          any                            little

a gallon of                   a pound of                       some                          one of

a glass of                     a quart of                         both                          many

a grain of                     a roll of                            each                          more


Ex:- a piece of information, a glass/bottle of water/milk/oil, a cup of tea etc.

1. Please give me water. (incorrect)

Please give me a water. (incorrect)

Please give a glass of water. (correct) 


2. He gave me some informations. (incorrect)

He gave me some information. (correct)


Ex:-  One must drink at least six glass of water daily.    (Incorrect)

One must drink at least six glasses of water daily.    (Correct)

अर्थात हम water को count नहीं कर सकते है किन्तु  glasses of water/bottles of water को  हम count कर सकते है

Ex:– There is plenty of/a little/ some water/milk/ oil in the bottle. (Correct)


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