Numeral Nouns and Pair Nouns for SSC exams

A. Numeral Nouns

कुछ nouns ऐसी भी है जो length, money या किसी weight को indicate करती है

 Foot, metere, hundred,thousand,lac/lakh,million,billion,pair,dozen,year etc.

Rule:-one/two/four/sixty + thousand/hundred/lac/meter  +Plural noun  ( ex-two million dollars /rupees)

Ex1:-I have two pairs of shoes.      (incorrect)

I have two pair of shoes .        (correct)

Ex2:-I have two hundreds rupees only.       (incorrect)

I have two hundred rupee only.           (incorrect)

I have two hundreds rupee only.        (incorrect)

I have two hundred rupees only.           (correct)

Q:- I have(A)/ a hundred rupees(B)/ note in my pocket(C)/ no error.(D)

[Ans-B: hundred rupee note]

B. Pair Nouns

They are the nouns with two complementary parts. They are always plural(‘s’ at the end).

अर्थात ये उन वस्तुओ को दर्शाती है जिनके दो एकसमान भाग होते है तथा दोनों भाग एक दुसरे के पूरक होते है, तथा हमेशा बहुवचन में ही प्रयोग होती है(with ‘s’ at the end)  Ex:-Trousers,

jeans, pajamas, spectacles, goggles, scales, scissors, binoculars  etc.

Trousers (plural) Correct
A pair of trousers(singular) Correct
Trouser Incorrect
One trousers Incorrect
A pair of trouser Incorrect

 Ex:- A pair of trousers is here. (correct)

अर्थात pair nouns के पहले ‘a pair of’ लगा देने से वो एकवचन हो जाती है इसलिए एकवचन क्रिया (singular verb) का प्रयोग करते है

Ex:-A pair of spectacles(A)/have been(B)/framed(C)/no error.(D)  [Ans.-B (has been)]

My scissors——————-(is/are) sharp. [ans.-are]

My scissors don’t cut well. (correct)

Where is/are my spectacles? I left it/them [ans.-are, them]

My jeans are (correct)

My trousers are wet. (correct)

Common errors in the use of noun
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