Prepositions Examples for Competitive Exams

A. Error detection He is(A)/ averse with(B)/any form of physical exercise.(C)/ no error(D)      [SSC-2012] Ans:- B(averse to) 2. He walked(A)/ ten miles(B)/ by foot.(C)/no error(D)       [SSC-2011] Ans:-C(on foot) 3. The period(A)/ between 1991 to 1995(B)/ was very significant in my life.(C)/no error(D) [SSC-2011]    Ans:- B(between………and) 4. Those who are […]

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Top 50 Adjectives starting with A

The list of important adjectives starting with a is given with their meaning:- 1.Antsy:-  Nervous and unable to relax 2.Amateur:- Lacking professional skill or expertise 3.Arrogant:- Showing feelings of unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride 4.Abiding:-Unceasing 5.Acceptable:-Worthy of acceptance or satisfactory 6.Acoustic:-Of or relating to the science of acoustics 7.Adorable:-Lovable […]

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