Adjectives starting with N

1.Noble:- Impressive in appearance/ Having or showing of high character 2.Naive:- Marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience 3.Nonsensical: -Incongruous; inviting ridicule 4.Numerous:-Amounting to a large indefinite number 5.Normal:-Being usual, typical or standard; not abnormal 6.Notable:-Worthy of notice/Widely known and esteemed 7.Nefarious:– Extremely wicked 8.Notorious:-Known widely and usually […]

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Gerunds and infinitives | rules and examples

Gerunds and Infinitives Infinitives दो प्रकार के होते है – 1. Simple Infinitives (= Noun):- जो Infinitive वाक्य में Noun का कार्य करता है, उसे simple infinitive कहते है Ex:- To find fault is easy. 2. Gerundial Infinitives (=Qualifying):-सामान्यत यह वाक्य में adjective या adverb का कार्य करता है Ex:- […]

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Present Participle Examples List | Participle Correct Use

Present participle The work seems to be continuing in present participle. Ex:- The child came here weeping. Note:- Sentence के हिंदी अर्थ में करके या हुए आता है:- Ex:- Sleeping children (सोते हुए बच्चे) Use of present participle 1. It is used as an adjective in the sentence: –            Ex:- he […]

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