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A participle is a word that is formed from a verb. These are of three types:-

A. present participle [V1 + ing] ex:- playing, going etc.

B. past participle [V1 + ed/en] ex:-played, broken etc.

C. perfect participle  [Having + V3] ex:- having written etc.

participle examples

participle examples

Note:- It works as an adjective in a sentence.


I saw a running boy.    (adjective)

A tired man was sitting under a tree.  (adjective)

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  common errors

Incorrect: Being a rainy day, I did not go out.

Correct: It being a rainy day, I did not go out.

Incorrect: Walking through the park, the Sun was very hot.

Correct: Walking through the park, I found the Sun was very hot.

 Incorrect: Having working hard he felt tired.

Correct: Having worked hard he felt tired.

 Incorrect: Ram, having finished his paper, he left the examination hall.

Correct: Ram, having finished his paper left the examination hall.

 Participle examples

1. Scaling the high wall,(A)/a vast expanse of greenery(B)/ reaching up to the horizon was seen.(C)/ no error(D)

Ans:- C       [SSC-2014]

2. Although he was tired he went out for playing. [SSC-2011]

A. goes out for playing        B. goes out to play

C. went out to play             D. No improvement

Ans:- C

3. (Being a pleasant evening), we went out for a long drive on a highway.

A. As a pleasant evening
B. It being a pleasant evening
C. With a pleasant evening
D. No improvement
Ans:- B

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