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Present participle

The work seems to be continuing in present participle.

Ex:- The child came here weeping.

Note:- Sentence के हिंदी अर्थ में करके या हुए आता है:-

Ex:- Sleeping children (सोते हुए बच्चे)

present participle

Use of present participle

1. It is used as an adjective in the sentence: –

           Ex:- he has a smiling face.        [Attributive Use(before noun)]

The parrot came flying here.      [predictive use]

2. It is used after To Be + busy: –

           Ex:- He is busy in preparing for the SSC examination. (incorrect)

He is busy to prepare for the SSC examination.  (incorrect)

He is busy preparing for the SSC examination. (correct)

3. It is used to replace relative pronoun (who / whom / which) in the sentence.

             Ex:– Children who need/needed medical attention……………….

Children needing medical attention………………….

4. When two tasks are done simultaneously by the same subject or one task is immediately after the second task, then the present participle is used for the first work: –

(जब एक ही subject के द्वारा दो कार्य एक साथ किये जाये या एक कार्य दुसरे कार्य के तुरंत बाद हो तो पहले कार्य के लिए present participle का use होता है)

             Ex:- Seeing the principal, the students entered the classroom.

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