Prepositions Examples for Competitive Exams

A. Error detection

He is(A)/ averse with(B)/any form of physical exercise.(C)/ no error(D)      [SSC-2012]

Ans:- B(averse to)

2. He walked(A)/ ten miles(B)/ by foot.(C)/no error(D)       [SSC-2011]

Ans:-C(on foot)

3. The period(A)/ between 1991 to 1995(B)/ was very significant in my life.(C)/no error(D) [SSC-2011]    Ans:- B(between………and)

4. Those who are in power(A)/have to be sensitive of(B)/ the sufferings of the poor.(C)/no error(D)

Ans:- B(sensitive to)  [SSC-2011]

5. Sneha was (accused for) murder of her husband (1)/ but the court found her (2)/ not guilty and acquitted her. (3)/ No Error (4)
Ans: 1(accused of) [SSC-2017]

prepositions examples

Prepositions examples

B. Fill in blank

1. Newspaper link the government………………the public. [SSC-2012]

a. with       b. To          c. off              d. of

Ans:- a

2. She dwells too much……………her past.              [SSC-2014]

a. from         b. On          c. in      d. of

Ans:- b

3. The train is arriving………………..platform number 4.    [SSC-2012]

a. at           b. On         c. before                  d. upon

Ans:- a

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C. Sentence Improvement (Prepositions examples)

1. Which newspaper do you subscribe for?         [SSC-2011]

a. subscribe in        b. subscribe at            c. subscribe to         a. No improvement

Ans:- c

2. The train was late for the fifty minutes.  [SSC-2014]

a. behind          b. By         c. around       d. No improvement

Ans:-  b

3. My brother is indifferent (about) whatever I say. [SSC-2017]
1) in              2) of                3) to                  4) No improvement
 Ans: to

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