Important Rules For Prepositions with Explanation

Competitive exams like SSC, IBPS, NDA etc. में Preposition से related बहुत से प्रश्न पूछे जाते है खासकर fill in blanks तथा cloze test में. So it’s essential to know rules for prepositions and some tips related to prepositions to score high in competitive exams. Some important rules for prepositions with an explanation are given below:-

rules for prepositions

Important Rules For Prepositions

Incorrect: Although he is clever, he lacks of experience.

Correct: Although he is clever, he lacks experience.

Incorrect: They are not allowed to enter into the house.

Correct: They are not allowed to enter the house.

Explanations: The verbs lack, approach, resemble, order and enter are directly followed by objects without prepositions.

Incorrect: See you on next Friday.

Correct: See you next Friday.

Incorrect: I will never forget meeting him on that afternoon.

Correct: I will never forget meeting him that afternoon.

Explanation: Prepositions are not used before a number of common time expressions beginning next, last, this, one etc.

Incorrect: He is angry on me.

Correct: He is angry with me.


Angry with : a person

 Angry at :  something

   Ex:-I was angry with the treatment during the party.(incorrect)

I was angry at the treatment during the party.(correct)

Incorrect: My mother loves with me.

Correct: My mother loves me.

Incorrect: What is the time in your watch?

Correct: What is the time by your watch?

Incorrect: The train will arrive on the platform no. 3.

Correct: The train will arrive at the platform no. 3.

Explanation: At: At is used when referring to a specific place or point.

Ex:-He was standing at the bus stop.

He inquired about the room prices at the front desk.

Incorrect: She died from Plague.

Correct: She died of plague.


Died of :   Illness

Died from :   other reasons

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 Ex:- He died of a heart attack.  (correct)

He died of explosion.  (incorrect)

He died from explosion. (correct)

Incorrect: My shirt is different to yours.

Correct: My shirt is different from yours.

Previous years questions

1. He is(A)/ averse with(B)/ any form of physical exercise.(C)/no error(D) [SSC-2012]

Ans:-B(averse to)

2. The train was late for fifty minutes.     [SSC-2014]

a.behind          b. By              c. around               d. no improvement

Ans:- b (late by + time)

3. He walked(A)/ ten miles(B)/by foot.(C)/no error(D)       [SSC-2011]

Ans:-C (on foot)

4. The period(A)/between 1991 to 1995(B)/was very significant in my life.(C)/no error(D)


Ans:- B (between……and)

5.Turn the light………..before you go to bed.  [SSC-2014]

a.on      b. Off          c. out             d. down

Ans:- B

6. I left my job because I did not (agree to) the company’s appraisal policies. [SSC-2017]
1) agree about                2) agree with             3) agree on        4) No improvement

 Ans: 2) agree with

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