Pronoun common errors with explanation

pronoun common errors

Incorrect: I, you and he will go to London.

Correct: You, he and I will go to London.

Explanation:When all three persons [1st,2nd,3rd ]  pronouns are used altogether, then they are used in the following manner:-  [2nd+3rd+1st

Incorrect: Let her and I do this work.

Correct: Let her and me do this work.

Explanation:object pronouns are used after Let, like, between, but, except and preposition.

Incorrect: Please bring mine pen.

Correct: Please bring my pen.

Incorrect: This pen is my

Correct: This pen is mine.

Explanation:Possessive adjectives are always followed by a noun whereas possessive pronouns are not followed by any noun.

i.e.- My/our/his/her/your/their +Noun

Possessive pronouns:-mine, ours, yours, his, hers, theirs

Possessive adjectives:-my, our, your, his, her, their

Incorrect: Your problem is bigger than me.

Correct: Your problem is bigger than mine.

Correct: Your problem is bigger than my problem.

Explanation:the same things  are  compared(problem with problem & men with men)

 Incorrect: He availed of the opportunity.

Correct: He availed himself of the opportunity.

Explanation:Enjoy, absent, sacrifice, satisfy, avoid, apply, acquit, avail, introduce etc. are the verbs that are followed by an object or a reflexive pronoun.

Incorrect: Everybody will get their share.

Correct: Everybody will get his share.

Explanation:We use he, his, him with each, every, everyone, anyone, someone, everybody, somebody, nobody until the female gender is confirmed.

Ex1:-Every student should respect his teachers. (correct)

Ex 2:-Every girl is doing her homework. (correct)

Important Rules related to pronoun

   SSC questions

 1. One should exercise their right to vote. [SSC-2012]

a. his        b. Our         c. one’s          d. no improvement


Correct: One should exercise one’s right to vote.

Explanation:–  The pronoun ‘one’ must be followed by ‘one’s’.

2. A good friend of(A)/ me has been(B)/ in London for twenty years.(C)/ no error(D) [SSC-2012]

Ans:- B(mine)

3. Both me(A)/ and my sister(B)/went to a boarding school(C)/no error(D) [SSC-2011]


4. Myself and Roshni (1)/ will take care of (2)/ the event on Sunday. (3)/ No Error (4) [SSC-2017]

 Ans: 1

5. There was a (A)/ comparison between (B)/ you and he (C)/ no error (D) (SSC-2017)

Ans: C (you and him)

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