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Quantifiers are words that precede & modify nouns. Quantifiers can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns. Some quantifiers examples are given below with explanation.


 Quantifiers examples-1


Incorrect: North Korea will face much challenges in the future.

Correct: North Korea will face many challenges in the future.

Explanation:- much is used with Uncountable nouns whereas ‘many’ is used with countable nouns.

Incorrect: Ravi could not write a letter because there was a little ink in the pen.

Correct: Ravi could not write a letter because there was little ink in the pen.

Explanation:- little:- almost negligible, a little:- Very low (in quantity)

Q. I had a few eggs in the fridge, so we need to go to the market to buy them.

1) a little               2) few               3) little               4) No improvement

Ans: few

Explanation:– few:- almost negligible, a few:- Very few (in number)

Note:- few is used for countable nouns and little is used for uncountable nouns

Ex:-There is a few milks in the glass. (incorrect)

There is a little milk in the glass. (correct)

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 Quantifiers examples-2

Incorrect: I don’t have some books to read.

Correct: I don’t have any books to read.

Explanation:- ‘some’ is a word that used in a positive sentence and any’ is used in a negative and interrogative sentence

Q. Do you have some sugar?   [SSC 2016]
1) any sugar           2) little sugar
3) small sugar        4) No improvement
Ans: any sugar

Incorrect: Every student is brilliant.

Incorrect: Every students are brilliant.

Correct: Every student is brilliant.

Incorrect: I need some advices.

Correct: I need some advice.

Incorrect: All of students passed the examination.

Correct: All of the students passed the examination.

Incorrect: All the money were spent.

Correct: All the money was spent.

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