Question tags exercises

question tags exercises

A question tag is a short question that comes at the end of a statement (sentence). 

Question tag= Auxiliary verb + pronoun ?

Note:- Question tag and the sentence are in the same tense.

 1. Your father used to be the principal of this college,………..?[SSC-2010]

A. did he            B. Does he

C. didn’t he         D. doesn’t he


2. Ram helps everyone,…………..[SSC-2012]

A. isn’t he?           B. Doesn’t he?

C. isn’t it?             D. does he?

Ans:- B

3. We met yesterday, haven’t we?[SSC-2015]

A. didn’t we?            B.No Improvement

C. isn’t it?                D. hadn’t we?

Ans:- a

Explanation:- Question tag and the sentence must be in the same tense.

4. one cannot be indifferent to one’s health, can’t one? [SSC AD-2014]

A. can’t be?          B. Can one?

C. isn’t it?             D. no improvement

Ans:- B

Explanation:-  A negative statement is followed by a positive question tag and a positive statement is followed by a negative question tag.

5. When I came to your room yesterday,(A)/you were watching the T.V.,(B)/isn’t it?(C)/ no error(D)

Ans:- C (weren’t you?) [SSC-VC2012]

6. All people want to be happy, do they?  [SSC-2016]

A.  don’t they?           B.  are they?
C.  didn’t they?           D. No improvement
 Ans:- A

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