SSC last year questions on Tense

1.A wise man ………… not pretend ………. know everything. [SSC-2012]

a.did, to         b. May, in          c. does, or               d. does, to

Ans:- d

2.The fond is flooded(A)/  with water because it is raining(B)/ continuously for the last three days.(C)/no error (D)    [SSC-2014]

Ans:- B (has been)

Explanation:- ऐसे कार्य जो past में शुरू हुए हो और वर्तमान में भी जारी हो, उनके लिए Present perfect continuous tense का प्रयोग करते है

3. Ahmed has been watching(A)/ the Oscar nominated film(B)/ three times.(C)/ no error(D) [SSC2011]   

Ans:- A

4.Throughout history, both ancient and modern. Men were fond of waging war. [SSC-2014]

a.are           b. Have been              c. had been              d. No improvement

Ans:- b

5. The doctor has advice him to take proper diet. [SSC-2017]
1) has advised 2) had been advised
3) was advised            4) No improvement
Ans: has advised

Explanation:- has/have + V3

6. He thanked me for what I have done for his wife.  [SSC-2017]
1) had done                2) had been done
3) have been done      4) No improvement
 Ans: had done

Explanation:- जब past में दो कार्य एक के बाद एक(one after another) हो तो पहला कार्य past perfect tense में तथा दूसरा कार्य simple past tense में होता है-

In above sentence, ‘He thanked me’ =2nd action(simple past) &

I had done for his wife. =1st action(past perfect)

7. George _____ to this country a year ago. [SSC-2016]

1) was coming               2) came
3) is coming                  4) comes

 Ans: came

Explanation:-Yesterday, last +night/week/day/month/year, ago आदि के साथ simple past tense का use  होता है

8.We might (have doing) something to help you. [SSC-2017]

1) having to do
2) has done
3) have done
4) no improvement

 Ans: have done

Explanation:- May/might + have + V3rd

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