English questions for SSC CGL | CHSL 2018-19

1. I got used……………on the right when I was in the U.S. for two years.

a.driving         b. to drive             c. to driving       d. by driving

Ans:- c

Rule:- is/are/was/were/get  + used +to + V with ing.

2. She is not used (to sleep) for so long.  [SSC-2017]
a. to be sleeping         b. to sleep
c. to sleeping              d. No improvement
Ans: to sleeping

3. All the students in the class (A)/began shouting (B)/at each other.(C)/no error(D)


Each other:- for two

One another:- more than two

4. The period(A)/between 2010 to 2015 (B)/ was very significant in my life.(C)/ no error(D)



5. I went to Australia just before a week.

a. a week before       b. a week earlier        c. a week ago         d. no improvement


Explanation:- Ago is used for past time from the present time. Before (earlier) is used for past time from another past time.

Ex:- Yesterday I missed the train. I reached the station at 7:10 but the train had left 10 minutes before(earlier).

6. We must…………..ourselves to changing circumstances.

a. adopt         b. Adept          c. adapt            d. accept

Ans:- C

Adapt:- ढालना

Adept:- कुशल

Adopt:- गोद लेना

7. much/many:- much:- मात्रा में अधिक,  many:- संख्या में अधिक

Ex:-  There is many water in the bottle. (incorrect)

There is much water in the bottle.   (correct)

Ex:-  There are much books on the table. (incorrect)

There are many books on the table. (correct)

8. further/farther:- further:- और, farther:- दूरी में अधिक

Ex:-  Mumbai is further  from delhi than Agra.    (incorrect)

Mumbai is farther  from delhi than Agra.    (correct)

Ex:- They don’t want to talk about this matter farther.     (incorrect)

They don’t want to talk about this matter further.    (correct)

 9. elder/older:- elder:- खून के रिश्ते में बड़ा, older:- उम्र में बड़ा (may be anyone)

Ex:- I am elder than my friend.        (incorrect)

I am older than my friend.       (correct)

Ex:- Ravi is my older brother.           (incorrect)

Ravi is my elder brother.          (correct)

 10. Practice/ Practise.

Practice:- noun

Practise:- verb

Ex:- Practice makes a man perfect. (correct) [as a noun]

Practice the question given in the assignment. (incorrect)

Practise the question given in the assignment. (correct) [as a verb]

11. Complain/complaint

Complain:- verb

Complaint:- noun

Q. I complaint against him(A)/as in spite of my repeated warning(B)/he failed to mend his ways(C)/no error(D)


Ex:- I have lodged a complain against him.  (incorrect)

I have lodged a complaint against him.        (correct)

12. Effect/affect


Affect:- verb

Ex:- The quality of your work affects your grade.

Q. Failure must not have a permanent affect on a person.   (incorrect)

Failure must not have a permanent effect on a person.    (correct)

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